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...when you fall in love with a cheater - part 1

Seemingly disentangled, Rizi came into town for the summer. He contacted me, and I allowed him to distract me for a few weeks.
We’re floating like a couple of drunk buoys, waves wildly willing us underwater. Noticing my struggle to evade the salty assaulting splash, you reach out to me, “Here, let me help you.” I can feel your slippery fingertips graze my bare waist and hips, and I’m instantly wet, never mind the ocean we’re in. You lift me and bring me to your buoyant body, my legs straddling your waist—ineptly ignoring the obvious bulge between us. I want to kiss you—our faces, inches apart.  We look at each other—pause for effect—rolling swells striking our loose limbs. You incline your lips towards mine and I coyly pull away—tucking my chin into my chest and looking up at you in sexy defiance. You respond to the chase and quickly traverse the separating space. Our lips meet—a soft slick surge of sweetness. You slay me. There’s no better word for it; makes me think: vampire sl…

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